Bad Ass Bulletin Edition #4

Hey Cuztom Kraft familia!
Welcome back to another edition of the Bad Ass Bulletin.
We have so much that we’re working on here at Cuztom Kraft and we’re proud to be growing our customer base all around the world, week in, week out!
In saying that, we always remember out roots, and having started out of Melbourne, Australia, we’re excited to build our local community in the coming months, as well as still focusing on growth around the world!
Wherever you’re riding, thank you for your support, and remember to stay Bad Ass!
Now, on with the bulletin… Here’s what’s caught our eye lately.


The AFL started back this weekend. Never heard of it? Well, it’s the sport that originated here in Melbourne, and it’s basically NFL without the helmets. Pretty bad ass if you ask us… Check out the best marks (catches) of 2021.


Cuztom Kraft Bike Meet! Have you heard? On Sunday, April 10 we’re having a Cuztom Kraft bike meet here in Melbourne. If you’re local, we’d love to get you involved!


Charlie visits Folsom Prison in just outside Sacramento to explore his love for Johnny Cash! He takes in the sights of the town, and then pays a visit to Cedillo Customs, to see Juan and his good friend, Chicano Yank!


Charlie heads to a downtown Sacramento to check out the old school streets, shops and sights, before coming across one of the most Bad Ass bikes on the trip thus far!

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